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Fondue Online is part of Kaashandel Peters, The Netherlands - Kaashandel Peters


Nobelstraat 10
3846 CG Harderwijk

Phonenumber:      0031 - 341 - 427 502
E-mail adress:
Bank:  Rabobank NL 1492.01.087
IBAN nr.:  NL81 RABO 0149 201 087
BIC/Swift code.:  RABONL2U
Fatt nr.:  NL8017.18.661.B.01

Chamber of commerce:

 080.13.956 (Harderwijk, Holland)


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Fondue Online is part of Kaashandel Peters: a true family enterprise with over 50 years of experience. We are one of the chief suppliers of cheese in the mid-Netherlands for both the private and the business market.